KP and KC Polymer Casing Spacers


The BWM COMPANY offers a complete line of POLY spacers.
We offer polymer spacers in sizes from 2-inch through 12-inch.

Excellent dielectric resistance and low moisture absorption for
minimal electric current loss and no impairment of catholic protection.
BWM Poly spacers are an economical choice for use on
smaller diameter pipe up to 12 inches in diameter.

Poly spacers have grooves molded into the inner surface, which
prevent slippage and cold flow of the carrier pipe coating.

Poly spacers are manufactured by injection molding using
high-density polyethylene, which provides high impact strength
and a low coefficient of friction.

Sections are used to construct all diameters. All runner
configurations are engineered for a 6:1 load bearing safety
factor. Runner heights come in various heights to provide
clearance for bell and spigot connections.

BWM KP and KC spacers only require a screwdriver for installation.

BWM KP and KC series spacers offer five advantages:
1.  The molded legs can be manually cut on the cutting die built into every leg.
     This is a BWM exclusive which makes stocking our spacers a breeze.

2.  Simple to install.    3.  No special tools required.    4.  Extra strong.     5.  Solid construction.

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